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Tae Oriental Medicine ClinicMy son James had teenage acne, which developed around the age of 14. It was mostly on his chest and back. I tried everything to help relieve his problems, changing his diet, Proactive, mild antibiotics prescribed by the dermatologist, but still no result. I brought James to Dr. Kim March in 2012. Within 3 months we noticed dramatic changes. James is now 16 years old, and one of the few teenagers seen without acne!
- James

Tae Oriental Medicine ClinicMy daughter Vanessa broke out with a bad case of impetigo. It was around her mouth and on her arms and legs. I brought her to the dermatologist to make sure that it was indeed Impetigo. When she confirmed this, she prescribed Vanessa internal and topical antibiotics. I was reluctant to give this to her, so I decided to take her to see Dr. Kim, and she prepared her both topical and internal herbs to take. Because Impetigo is very contagious, I had to keep Vanessa home from school, but within one week of Dr. Kim’s treatment, she was back in the classroom. Thank you Dr. Kim!
- Vanessa

Tae Oriental Medicine ClinicMy daughter Juliana was diagnosed with a mild seizure disorder in 2010. Her neurologist prescribed a couple different medications before she settled on lamictal for her. Juliana had never had a (grand mal seizure) until 7 months after taking the lamictal I found Juliana one morning in her crib, still, eyes turned up in her head, struggling to breathe. A true nightmare came to life. I endured another year of lamictal followed by 4 other seizures. I had enough. I brought Juliana to see Dr. Tae Kim in February of 2012. I asked her what she would do if Juliana was her daughter… she told me, and I took a leap of faith. I reserved Juliana from the lamictal treatment and began giving her Dr. Kim’s herbs and prescribed diet. It has been over a year and a half, and Juliana has not had a seizure since.
- Juliana

Tae Oriental Medicine ClinicMy son's symptoms began when he was 6 months old. His pediatrician diagnosed him with eczema. He was prescribed hydrocortisone cream and antihistamine medication. However, soon after giving him the medication, he became very drowsy and unresponsive. So, we discontinued the medication immediately. His symptoms progressively worsened by the age of 2. We really did not want to take him back to his pediatrician because he would pretty much prescribe the same as before. We decided to try a natural approach that does not have any side effects. After giving him natural herbs, his symptoms did not immediately improve, but along with a recommended diet, the symptoms gradually disappeared. Not only has his skin problems resolved, but his sleeping and appetite improved dramatically.
- Max

Tae Oriental Medicine ClinicAfter I gave birth to my fifth child, I knew that my body was under unusual stress and fatigue. My face was breaking out. I was unable to function like I had been before I believed at first, that I just tired because I was nursing and caring after 4 other children… Then come the diagnosis that my youngest daughter had a chromosomal disorder. Once this set in, I regained some strength, but was still not back to my usual self. Determined to find an answer, I began to research my symptoms alongside seeing several doctors. Finally I asked my general doctor who was a DO, to please refer me to a specialist. She did this, and I was diagnosed a mild form of lupus in October of 2008. The rheumatoid specialist prescribed plaquenil for me to take to “help” relieve the symptoms. I took it for two days, and developed migraines. I knew that western medicine did not have the answer to relieve symptoms or even cure my lupus. I began a long search to find an alternative solution, which led me to Dr. Tae Kim. I began treatment with Dr. Kim in February of 2012. I received acupuncture three times a week for the first month and took her herbal decoctions three times a day. Within this first month, I began to notice a change in my skin, and the level of energy I had. I continued this regime for four months, and within that time, my bloodwork showed lower and lower ANA levels, until the lupus was gone. I’m now in the best shape that I’ve been in for years. I have plenty of energy to take care of my five children and have a life of my own as well. I will be forever grateful to Dr. Kim and her applied wisdom. She is truly the best doctor I have ever met.
- Barbara

Tae Oriental Medicine ClinicMy mother in law is 81 years old and she had many health issues when she moved to U.S. 2 years ago. Her body could not produce blood therefore she had to have blood transfusions. Before she moved in with us in the States, she had to have total of 40 units of transfusions. She also had severe case of diabetes where she needed insulin injections twice a day. Her feet were swollen practically everyday. Then we met Dr. Tae Kim through a friend and my mother in law started her treatment with Dr. Kim. She received acupuncture and began taking medicine from her as well. Slowly but surely, my mother in law started showing improvements. It's been 8 months since she's had her last blood transfusion and her appetite improved too. She doesn't need her insulin shots and diabetes is totally controlled just with medication. I have total confidence in Dr. Kim and highly recommend her. Thank you Dr. Kim.
- Jenny Kim
Customer from tae oriental medicine clinic